Saturday, November 5, 2011

Does Google consider SEO to be spam? - By Matt Cutts

I recently watched a Matt Cutts video regarding "Does Google consider SEO to be spam?" and the answer was "no". Google also respect good SEO optimizers who follow right techniques to optimize websites. Here are the key points listed as per video:

1. A good SEO optimizer's duty includes to make website Crawlable, Accessible and Findable in the eyes of Search Engines.

2. Only exact and relevant keywords should be used for website.

3. Usability is another major factor, it basically includes good design practices for users and search engine.

4. Website loading time is another major factor which plays a major role in site performance.

5. Only use white hat techniques, there's no space for hacking or hiding techniques.

6. Say no to Black Hat Techniques because Google's mission is to return best possible search result and it will be long lasting by white hat techniques only.

7. If anyone find difficulties of learning exact methods of SEO then they can first refer to Google Webmaster Guidelines or Beginners Guide of SEO.

At the end there's one solution for all website owners, find a good & quality SEO Person who will rank your website on search engines with right tactics.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Sometimes it could be a big question for some people that what is the main difference between PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPC (Cost Per Click). To know the difference between of both, we should first know closely the meaning of PPC and CPC.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC): Pay Per Click is a kind of advertising model. The condition here only is advertiser has to pay the website owner only when the ad is clicked. The pricing depends upon particular keyword and they use bidding method to decide upon price of that particular keyword.

    The terminology is simple here. User search for a particular term on search engine. With organic results there are some results which can be on right side, bottom of the page, the position depends on the search engine but something should be written under particular ads like ad, sponsored links, sponsored ad etc.

  • Cost Per Click (CPC): It is a cost of every click on pay per click ad. The final price is calculated on number of factors like Maximum CPC, total budget etc.

Now we can say that these two things co-relate to each other. Some of other factors which should be keep in mind are:

  1. PPC use bidding system while CPC commonly charge on Fixed Price basis.
  2. In PPC owner pay their host only when ad is clicked. In CPC, they commonly charge a fixed price on per click basis when ad is clicked.
  3. PPC is more looks like an affiliate model. CPC more looks like to generate traffic on the website.
  4. These model basically includes purchase opportunities to the user.
  5. PPC can also be considered as pay per performance model.
  6. It is called as sponsored ad or sponsored links by different search engines methodologies like Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft Ad Center.
  7. These models create problems to website owners sometimes like click fraud.

I think by knowing these factors now we can differentiate between PPC and CPC.

Friday, March 12, 2010

What is Search Engine Optimization?

It has become a big business in industry today. Search Engine Optimization is simply a way by which we can generate traffic for our website through search engine results but the main condition should be that the results which appear on search engine pages must be according to “organic” or “algorithmic” way. The main motive of any Seo Optimizer is to know how search engines work and do the job accordingly because you can only get good rankings for your website only if you take the right steps to do that.

First of all we should know there are two types of optimization methods actually:
• On Page Optimization Methods
• Off Page Optimization Methods

These two are equally important, equally usable for any website. On Page factors takes into consideration when we actually make our website and Off Page Optimization takes into consideration when a website appears on the internet. Both techniques have different methods and ways to do so.

Now my question here, what actually search engine optimization is? How can we do that and we can also see how should we do that?

As we say there are lots of methods but our goal is to make our website search engine friendly. This is I can say not a tough task or not so easy. First of all we should take into consideration On Page factors, usually website owners don’t aware of it, but these factors are so much important for any type of website. After completing all On Page factors then we should go for Off Page factors. Please keep in mind both the On Page and Off Page are equally important and they can only benefit you if you have done it correctly. Search Engine Optimization can only do for you better if they provide best results for you through “organic” or “algorithmic” way.

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